At Owens Soft Water, we offer a full line of Kinetico water softeners and filters to ensure you’re getting a product tailored to your home, and one that can handle your specific water treatment needs. But our services don’t end with installation; we also offer maintenance and repair, as well as our water softener winterization service. It’s important that you maintain the integrity of your Kinetico softener in order for it continue serving you clean, soft water 24/7. Our water treatment experts at Owens Soft Water are standing by to help you winterize your water softener, and ensure your water filtration equipment doesn’t need a repair by spring time.

Water Softener Winterization Experts

If your water softener is installed in a location where it could freeze, you’ll want to enlist the help of one of our water treatment experts to properly inspect and drain your softener in order to avoid any freeze damage. Although tutorials for water softener winterization are easy to find online, water softeners are expensive and complex pieces of equipment, and it is recommended to get an expert involved before proceeding with winterizing your home water softening system. Not only will our experts be able to winterize your water softening system for you, but they will be able to provide you with help and advice that can only come from an experienced industry professional.

Kinetico Display

Water Treatment Services

Owens Soft Water offers the most efficient and effective line of water softeners available on the market today: Kinetico Water Softeners. With the various water softening and filtration products we offer, we’ll find the perfect product to meet your water treatment needs, and the services needed to keep your water softener in great condition. Call Owens Soft Water today for all of your water treatment needs in central and northern Michigan.