mortgage 1What does buying a house have to do with water test requirements? Last minute request for water test, after closing was scheduled. Now being postponed again. We are rushing results. They insist on waiting a day to close.  Does this sound all too familiar?

“I have a requirement to get a water test because the home has a well.  The requirement is on my mortgage loan application.
I asked several water-testing facilities AND the lender, but no one is exactly sure what I am supposed to be getting a test for specifically.” ~ Anonymous

This is a very common requirement and also a very common question.  Owens Soft Water works very closely with multiple realtors and bank lenders to be a first point of contact to get this requirement taken care of.  Owens, can get the water tested and analyzed for the purity and rule out any contaminates, and bacteria.  We can determine any type of water concerns and issues that may postpone a mortgage going through.  It can not be assumed that if there is already some sort of water treatment in place that the water is ok to pass inspection.  You should still schedule a water test and have an equipment service check.  Owens, has over 50 years of water treatment experience and is able to diagnose, and review any type of water treatment that you may already have in place.  You can also have piece of mind in knowing that if the water test comes back that there needs to be some sort of water filtration, that Owens can then install any type of water treatment, water softener, water conditioner, reverse osmosis, or any other specialty products to filter the water as needed.

Each State, County, Township, and lender is different when it comes to mortgages and the water requirements.  It is best to find out specifically, what the lender requires to be tested  and share that with both your realtor and an Owens Soft Water, specialized water technician.   It is also important to know that each well is different even if it’s on the same property.  Each well must be tested and will be required to meet that lenders standards as well as for the benefits of a smoother buying process.

What else to expect:  Once the water is tested, the water conditioner, softener, reverse osmosis has been serviced, and/or installed, the mortgage lender will then require for a simple retest of the water to be analyzed.

You can have piece of mind that both Owens, your realtor and the lender can work closely and get this done as professionally, productively, and prompt as possible so that you can move into the home of your dreams and have the quality of life with the purest water possible.

Best wishes, with your home or commercial mortgage financing as well as your water testing. Call Owens to inquire about having your water tested or water treatment serviced at 1-800-499-9719 or click on the contact us on our website: Owens Soft Water  **Some charges may apply.

Best wishes with your mortgage financing,

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