water testWater, in Flint, and the Great Lakes Line 5 concerns, are certainly top of conversation and creating a buzz in the media. Without a doubt, these topics should be on high alert and a concern.  As a leading water treatment company, Owens Soft Water, your local Kinetico dealer, we specialize in all types of water issues and you can rest assure that we stay informed and we take these concerns to heart.

As we all read the daily headlines of each topic, we can’t help but sit back and think of the wonders of water itself.  We can’t help but be concerned and consider the worst-case scenarios.  It seems that many have a lot to say while sipping on coffee at the local diner, but are each one of you really playing your part in being aware of the situation, educating yourselves of the truths in the matter, are you attending board meetings to stay alert of concern for your local and permissible waters?

I highly advise for each and every one of you to take a step back and dig a little deeper, instead of letting the media smear the next hot topic of what they want you to read.  A resourceful person is one who is open to both sides, opens the doors to possibilities and searches for the safest and most environmentally friendly resolution.  We can all make a difference but we must all be aware and educated.  A “quick to be one sided person,” isn’t always the most resourceful.  So, I will leave you with this, read beyond the front page, read the blogs, read the personal comments of those who are being affected, attend the meetings, get involved, think of all sides of the spectrum, and let’s pull together to utilize our efforts to rationally discuss the topics of the city of Flint and Great Lakes Line 5 and let’s put a plan in place in areas that we can help both locally, directly and in our sister cities.

Open for discussion.

Are you a Michigander?

How does either subject of the Flint water contamination or the Great Lakes line 5 affect you? 

Be advised that we ask to please keep your comments respectful and family friendly as this is a family shared site.

For more information regarding the Great Lakes, you may click here: The Great Lakes or here: Lansing State Journal or here: The Detroit Free Press

If you would like more information regarding the City of Flint and it’s water contamination concerns, you may click here: The City of Flint or here: Erin Brockovich or here: Fenton Patch .

We look forward to hearing your feedback.

With respect,

Mandy LaLone




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