Your buying a house!  Let’s jump ahead a little, your mortgage pre-approval is finalized. HIP HIP HOOORAY,  you have the green light and FINALLY time to start touring houses with your realtor.  I have had this feeling of excitement. So, it begins, the endless searches and lists of homes and properties. The excitement turns into stress because, of the multiple houses to choose from.  Shew! Then, you finally decide to take the leap of faith and make an offer on the home that you want.  Let the confusion begin, right?

FREEZE! Slow down and back that truck up!

What’s the plan?  What, you don’t have a plan? Let’s put a plan in place for you in efforts to avoid the stress and confusion.  A great resource for your home buying decisions is the HUD Home Buying Score Website, USDA, Veterans Home Loans and many more .  There are multiple resources and websites to review but keeping things simple and less overwhelming is key.  After all, moving is stressful in itself.

I recommend to download this home buying checklist here: HOME BUYING CHECKLIST.  Make several copies for each home tour or home review, and put into a folder for organizational purposes.  This will ensure to keep your home ratings much easier when it comes time for decision making.  The buyers checklist allows for you to not only think of the right type of questions to ask, but to stay consistent with the information that you will be comparing.  It is also wise to be observant and utilize these questions to prompt you to other questions that wouldn’t otherwise be thought of to ask or review.  Such questions may disclose things about the house that you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.  This simple process can not only decrease the stresses and confusion of home buying but it can also help you avoid buyers remorse.

Owens Soft Water is passionate about helping making the home buying process run smoothly due to the fact that we are involved in the selling, buying and mortgage process.  Part of your search and mortgage process may require a water test or it may be called a water analysis.  If the mortgage lender doesn’t require it, it is advised that the buyer still requests for this to take place as well as a review of the water treatment, water softener, or reverse osmosis to be serviced to ensure it’s working properly.  This may open up some things that need to be addressed before the purchase takes place.  Rest assured, that Owens Soft Water is able to handle this entire process from beginning to end.  Owens, is your non-electric Kinetico dealer for Mid, Northern, and Tri-City Michigan and we have over 50 years of water treatment experience and are capable of servicing all makes and models of water treatment.  Let Owens be a part of your check list and get you into the home of your dreams.  You can review our information on our website here: Owens Soft Water or at Kinetico.  You may also contact us at 1-800-499-9719.





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